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Ghost In The Water
Clean Sinks and Folded Laundry
Hidden Shoal Recordings

Ghost In The Water are husband and wife Nathan and Mandy Tensen-Woolery spinning spellbinding, ghostlike electronic pop and "Clean Sinks and Folded Laundry" is the single pick from the forthcoming album Tooth. Kitchen sink reality, or ghosts in the laundromat?

"Clean Sinks and Folded Laundry" is sounding great, and the press sheet is quite accurate: "...[it] is a majestic slice of electronic pop." 'Majestic' is just the right adjective to use. They also use "...bubbling, uplifting...", which is as perfect as majestic. "Clean Sinks..." sure makes your mood lift to a pleasant level. It's a slow-swirling song making your feet slow-mo slide dance while your head goes numb.

The bonus b-side, "How To Draw A Ghost", has got some more tempo, but it's showing more of the same pleasantly soothing pop moods as the a-side. Melodic and to the point. Perfect electro-pop, with the right doses of energy and chilled enthusiasm.

Debut album Tooth will be released on the 8th April, 2008.

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