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Shelly Bhushan
Picking Daisies
Red Card Records

Shelly Bhushan has a cool, ever so slightly retro soul sound on her new album. She also has the vocal chops necessary without over singing which many of the genre tend to do. (Yes Mariah I'm blaming you!).

Opener "Perfect Stranger" is instantly likeable and shows off Bhushan's voice well. "Little Piece" is cool and smoky, Bhushan effortlessly soulful and confident to a neat groove. "Not To Me" is a ballad that avoids all the clichés of the genre and goes straight to the heart. The calm piano by Ben Hoffstein is soon joined by more instruments, building to a powerful crescendo. "It's Over" is another showstopper the singer recanting the end of an affair. Bhushan's album is a wonderful and should appeal to many.

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