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Toby Richardson
Hidden Shoal Recordings

Perth resident Toby Richardson. He used to be a member of Mustang!, a band which "had some catchy tunes and plenty of volume" (Toby now suffers from Tinnitus as a result). He's now busy home recording and presenting his solo career, resulting in the debut EP Golden Days in 2006. Here's the 10 song, 35 minute full-length Evergreen.

Richardson is sort of a Robert Pollard styled musician, but here's also glimpses of J Mascis' guitar sound. Musically Evergreen is psychedelic, lo-fi, indie-rock, with a touch of late 1960s/early 1970s fuzzed and dirty psychedelic blues-rock. Jimi Hendrix comes to mind. Beefheart is mentioned in the press sheets. Along with Sebadoh, Pavement, and the aforementioned Pollard and Mascis, this makes sort of a schizophrenic mixture. But, it's for sure an exciting blend.

Evergreen isn't holding evergreens or instant hits, Richardson's mission isn't of that kind. His music, sound and songs are meant to be performed live in sweaty, beer-drenched venues. "Long Distance Rock and Roll" is one of coolest/toughest songs on the album. An interesting new acquaintance. Maybe not a new top favourite, but songs to explore now and again.

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