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My Pet Goat
My Pet Goat

"The Pet Goat" (also wrongly known as "My Pet Goat") is the children's story George W. Bush never will forget, as it was this one he was reading when he got that special message back in September 2001, leaving him with a blank stare for a while (as if he's got anything else but a blank stare, ever...). Well, that's one goat. More pet goats are to be found fed by the Beach Boys on the cover of their Pet Sounds. And, then there's this pet goat, the new sound of Sweden.

My Pet Goat is the project of Carin Hubbe, Sweden. It's a playful electronic project, and by listening to a few seconds from her myspace-site I was curious for checking out some more. So, here's a 7 song demo, of which 4 are to be found on myspace.

Carin handles vocals, guitar, melodica, keyboard, bass, harmonica, computer and some other stuff, and makes really enjoyable pieces of music. Simple melodies, with sampled sounds and effects, ending as catchy stuff. "Cour penale internationale" is one of the tougher, rhythmic tracks. "Fluffy Snow" is one of my favourites along with "Drum Machine".

My Pet Goat is musically related to artist at Morr Music. Maybe Morr one day will sign and release My Pet Goat.

Go check: MPG.

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