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The Apples in Stereo
Electronic Projects for Musicians
Simian/Elephant 6/Yep Roc Records

Being an Apples in Stereo (AiS) fan for years I'm always excited to get hold of a new record, even though if it's a compilation of songs already (with a few exceptions) to be found in my record collection. Electronic Projects for Musicians is the Apples in Stereo's second compilation (Science Faire was released in 1996), spanning some 12 years, presenting b-sides, bonus tracks and rarities (including three previously unreleased songs) to the public outside the circle of die hard fans.

I was quite impressed by last year's New Magnetic Wonder. The Apples in Stereo play a perfect blend of modern indie rock and vintage 60s (read: Beach Boys styled, but Brian Wilson pop symphonies on a tighter budget). Robert Schneider and his AiS play sun dazed, sugar-coated pop with a big heart, and with big smiles all over. It's easy to get some favourites here, as the charming/twisted/catchy indie pop come sneaking round every corner. "Onto Something" (taken from the split single with Sportsguitar) is one, "Man You Gotta Get Up" (along with "The Golden Flower" taken from the bonus 7" with Tone Soul Evolution) is another. "Avril En Mai" is a curiosity (off the Pop Romantique compilation). "The Oasis", one of several bonus tracks from Japanese editions (this one from The Discovery of...), is another charmer, and the obscure "On Your Own" is even better. Of the previously unreleased songs "Stephen Stephen" (written for and originally performed on American comedian/satirist Stephen Colbert's TV show The Colbert Report) is maybe the most catchy one, but the most pleasing track is the outtake/unfinished piece from Tone Soul Revolution, "Dreams". Dreamy pop stuff.

Electronic Projects for Musicians is maybe mainly for fans only, but it should be appealing to a broader (yet limited) audience as well. It's indeed an interesting taster from the AiS catalogue, or a how-to manual to the AiS pop world.

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