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Camp Actor
Press Industries

Camp Actor are a duo consisting of Justin James and Marlowe. Their music owes something to both Kraftwerk and David Bowie's Belrin-era but its very contemporary.

"Towers of London" rests on a mood thatís very sophisticated, with late nite vibes. James' handles his vocals with a longing that recalls David Sylvian. "Your Obsession" is a dancefloor ready song with an irresistible chorus and a positive mood. "Kick out the Kitsch" rocks with the synths hissing and the melody upfront. It sounds not unlike early eighties synth, but without the kitsch factor. "Semi Detached Soul" is a beautiful glide that allows the duo to shine in their best way. It sounds like a hit of some kind at a trendy club. Camp Actor have a bright future ahead of them.

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