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coverpic flag US - Texas - Full Moon 143 - 05/20/08

Tim Miller

Tim Miller comes from a confessional school of songwriting and he pens catchy tunes. Vocally he's a warm, friendly and inviting presence on this album.

"Let's Go" is a potential hit, with the easy melodic charm of a David Gray in a good mood. "Who I Am" describes a relationship crumbling with some easy but effective words and a warm melody. Miller hits some truths on the head with this one. Some carefully placed strings at the end elevate it a bit. "Another Day in the Life" is up-tempo and cheerful, Miller singing of embracing positivism. He's convincingly chipper and sweet. The title song is of a troubled girl and it's got Miller sounding compassionate and concerned in a good way. This is a nice record.

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