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coverpic flag England - Full Moon 144 - 06/18/08

Nigel Clothier
Book of Days
Leftarm Music

Nigel Clothier was a member of the traditional rock group Sharp Practice, but this is his solo debut. He writes earnest but never trite confessional songs in the Americana tradition despite being British.

"Hepburn's Run Away" is reflective and sad, but with a lot of heart. "Season of the Rose" shows off Clothier's sensitive vocals and inspired songwriting as he laments lost love. "Come North" is a bit more up tempo even if it wont tear down your house. Clothier sings wonderfully to a folk-inspired and sweet melody. "It's a Secret" celebrates a stable love and manages as great tune as well. Clothier's debut probably wont cause much fusses as long as the media is obsessed with people with more cool credentials than good melodies, but he clearly deserves more. Give him a listen.

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