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coverpic flag US - Texas - Full Moon 145 - 07/18/08

James McMurtry
Just Us Kids
Blue Rose Records

"They'll take a fork and turn you over, while the fat lady sings". Well, James McMurtry is back with new tracks. Always a pleasure and always a whole lot of serious fun. Being the son of the just as fabulous author James McMurtry, it must have been difficult escaping the wry, sarcastic and sometimes stinging lyrical approach to the world. But why should he?

He's not gone astray in production or arrangements neither, he's sticking to his familiar arsenal. That's when it becomes both a trade and a trademark. It took me about six seconds to recognize who came out of the speakers. New favourites from this one includes "Cheney's Toy", "Hurricane Party", and "You'd a Thought".

You should get some McMurtry faves too!

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