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Slow Dancing Society
A Warm Glow
Hidden Shoal Recordings

Slow Dancing Society's third album - entitled Priest Lake Circa '88 - is on its way, and here's a taster, single choice "A Warm Glow".

Here at the Luna K. we liked both their debut The Sound of Lights When Dim as well as last year's The Slow and Steady Winter. It seems, by listening to A Warm Glow, slow dancer Drew Sullivan is up for more of the same from the 'dreamy, hovering, ambient electronica' formula. And why not. The nearly 8 minute long "A Warm Glow" is slowly glowing, and hardly peaking, but it's a fine piece of what the Society's music is about. It's a slowly circling, gliding instrumental with a gentle touch of sea breeze, long drinks and fluffy clouds in the horizon.

You can quite easily chill with "A Warm Glow".

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