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coverpic flag Canada - Full Moon 146 - 08/16/08

Id Guinness
Cure For The Common Crush

Id Guinness comes seemingly out of nowhere with an electrifying and eclectic album. He takes myriad influences and somehow weaves them all together. The storming opener "Rising River" recalls U2's stadium anthems but with a mystical undertow that's the singerís own. "Jade Garden" sounds thrilling and exotic like an early Peter Gabriel track, but with an Asian instrumentation. The title song is a powerful piece of writing recounting the sheer force of love. Musically it recalls the seventies era of Pink Floyd, without being a ripoff. It has its own soul.

A cover of Bowie's "Always Crashing In The Same Car" is well chosen and apt. It's clever not to go for the big hits with an artist like Bowie. This version is a bit more ragged and atmospheric than the original. Id Guinness is an artist with a talent all his own and an album to treasure.

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