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coverpic flag Israel - Full Moon 146 - 08/16/08

Violently Delicate
Anova Productions

Eatliz hail from Israel and play what they call 'Complicated pop'. There's a good reason for that as they dart restlessly between styles. The title song sees the band play a rock song, sort of while changing tempos like temperamental children. Guitarist and songwriter Guy Ben-Shirtrit gives a sterling performance, as does singer Lee Triffon.

"Sunshine" is a plea for peace that shifts from slow verses to an explosive chorus. Triffon sings like an angel finding its wings. "Say Where" is a softer song that allows the singer to reach unbelievable heights. "Be Invisible" is the band at the peak of its powers, the guitarist giving a dynamite performance. The songs ebb and flow is truly amazing. Eatliz debut is remarkable.

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