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Lords of Bastard
Lords of Bastard
SL Records

Our favourite Scottish bastards, sorry... lords are back! This time with their self-titled debut album. Monster slug-rock 70s Sabbath style. Or: if 'now' was the late 1980s Lords of Bastard might have landed a deal with Sub Pop.

Lords of Bastard are: Mike the bastard on guitar/vocals, Doctor Bocks on bass, and drummer Rik Ghastly. Last summer LoB's debut single "Off With Their Heads" arrived. The single and its b-side, "Kingsize Karma" are both included among the 9 songs, and Lords of Bastard is a steamroller. No make-up, no fashion, no fake posing -- just straight forward rawk rolling slowly, mostly. As the press sheet says: "...through sludge, doom, punk and stoner rock.." and: "...LoB like their vintage amps turned up to 'big'...". Yes, LoB is like a young Black Sabbath with the attitude of the Meat Puppets and/or Fugazi.

"Off With Their Heads" is as tough as last time around. "The Old "Reflection in the Bathroom Mirror" Trick" is another favourite of mine. So is "Fucking Hell", which isn't as wild as its title implies. And the multi-layered "Agoraphobe Fantastico", maybe the best track? Well, count the diverse "The Burning of the Midnight Plant" as well. The album ends with the monumental, 10 minutes "The Uayeb", which is quite thrilling.

Cool stuff, guys. Maybe our bands could do exchange double-bill gigs Edinburgh/Oslo? Let's keep in touch.

To be released September 8th.

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