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Kotra is Dmytro Fedorenko, who's also founder and runner of the Kvitnu label. Earlier we've checked out Kotra & Zavoloka's Wag The Swing! here at Luna Kafé, as well as Critikal's (with Fedorenko as one of the participants) Graphorrhea.

Reset is some heavy shit. Not shit as in shitty, but as 'stuff'. Fedorenko is a radical artist, performing improv-experimental electronic noise-sound-modulation. He's a Mensch-machine pushing limits to an extreme. The Kotra concept is (according to the press sheet): " clear errors, events, people, experience and concepts. To bring intention energy to a condition of initial state. To refine the transformation process. Reset to inner. to free." Reset is a piece of abstract, modern art more than music, and listening to all 16 tracks (1 hour plus) is quite some challenge. But, by having smaller meals of music at a time this is indeed a fascinating world of sound. Music that easily could've been put up as soundtracks for films of the same experimental calibre. Or maybe even old silent films.

This is music as art. And it's working. It's violent and brutal, yet friendly in a cold way if that's possible. As always the cover art from Kvitnu is delicate and most elegant.

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