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Sankt Otten
Eine Kleine Traurigkeit
Hidden Shoal Recordings

This re-release of Sankt Otten's debut album shows a darker, colder side of the German combo. This is a rather spooky sounding band, and the German tongue fits perfect. This is German expressionism clashing with film noir.

Eine Kleine Traurigkeit (A Small Sadness) is not a journey through joy. It's quite claustrophobic, almost disturbing in parts. Yet, as always with Sankt Otten, this is fascinating and spellbinding stuff. Highly suggestive and very addictive. One might wonder why it took several years before they put out two brilliant albums in two years, Wir Können Ja Freunde Bleiben (2006) and Wunden Gibt Es Immer Wieder (2007), but the material were created over a span of years. Giving a result worth waiting for.

Back to ...Traurigkeit, which has got glimpses of more magic to come. Guided by the elegant single Fernfahrer, the album has plenty of glittering moments, like shiny stars in the dark. There is a fine contrast and diversity with finding the delicate ballad "Ende Gut" alongside the more massive "Stille Tage im Klischee" (which was their debut 12"). Other tracks among my favourites are "Meter (Heute anders)", "Tiefgang" and the title track. The majestic drum work and cool samples by Stephan Otten, the clever, discreet and accurate guitar and keyboard sound, along with Carsten Sandkaemper's sand washed, perfectly life-weary vocals make a delicious blend.

Sadness is golden.

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