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of Montreal
Skeletal Lamping

With their 9th studio album Of Montreal should get a even bigger star on the indie-sky. Although this album tends to move more away from what you normally think of as indie rock than for example it's predecessor Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? which brought them well deserved fame.

Skeletal Lamping is a joyride of funky grooves, 60s psychedelica, contemporary electronica, glam rock and surf pop. Building much on the character Georgie Fruit, Kevin Barnes' alter ego that were introduced on their last album. And where their other albums have had the tendency to be personal, especially on subjects of the mind and moods, this time it is more of the corporal issues that is the main theme. There is sexual tendencies / tensions spreading around both lyrics and sounds. More or less explicit. That not to say that such tendencies are a good thing, but here it kind of twingles in a heat and edge, that transcends the plain vulgarity it could have been. Like on the fabulously catchy pop tune "Beware Our Nubile Miscreants", or the more funk oriented "Gallery Piece", or... Probably I could mention nearly every track on the record here..

So the reason for mentioning those above is also that they stands out as my personal favourites in line with "Women's Studies Victims", a confused glam rock electronic piece. And the funky George Fruit story of "For Our Elegant Caste".

In a way Skeletal Lamping can be overwhelming. Jumping from and in-between the genres, on so much as 15 tracks. And maybe that is my only objection to this album. That it can be a little bit over the top, reaching out in too many directions. And it definitely needs a whole lot of listening before you can say you like it, but then you probably will find; not just that you like it - you like it a lot. Because most of all this is a album that makes your mind wanna dance. Just giving you that little smile that turns the day so much better.

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