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coverpic flag South Africa - Full Moon 148 - 10/14/08

Paul Abro
Another Way Of Being
Sky Hawk Records

Paul Abro is a classic singer/songwriter with all that that entails. He records thoughtful tuneful songs that stay on the right side of cliché, never tipping over on the wrong side.

"To the Moon" very calmly has words of everyday life and Abro gets in precise details to make the song memorable. "Add to My Surprise" is sunny and happy just like Jack Johnson. Abro's quietly strummed guitar is a good addition to the sound. The words of being happy being who you are is nothing new, but good anyway. On "Fireflies Lullaby" he quietly manages a harmonica-led tune of calm repose.

"First Skin" is sweet and tranquil, Abro singing of love to a good melody. His album is very nice.

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