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Fall Electric
Measure And Step
Hidden Shoal Recordings

Last moonth we reviewed Perth-based band Fall Electric's single Faithless Friend which is taken from this, their debut album, Measure And Step. A great song from a great album. Acoustics with an electric touch.

Fall Electric perform a brilliant mixture of folk, pop and rock. They're perfectly twisted and bent to the avant side of pop, as well as playing more on the trad side without being boring, or too conform. Fall Electric acoustic approach is so powerful and tough, with a cello topping everything. Mainman, songwriter, and steel string guitarist is one Andrew Ryan (formerly of Adam Said Galore). The magic cello belongs to Tristen Parr (also with Schvendes), while the ultra cool, freestyle drumming is done by Pete Guazzelli. Final member is Stina Tomas, who's also having a solo career, plays her Micro-Korg doing all electronics.

As I said, Measure And Step is great. Yes, almost brilliant. It's an extreme fascinating collection of songs, and a band with a spellbinding sound. This could easily end up as one of my favourites from the quality label Hidden Shoal, as well as being one of the 'Myfaves top10 albums' this year. Maybe.

Fall Electric sounds like a bunch of grounded spacemen. Measure And Step is a stellar performance.

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