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coverpic flag Germany - Full Moon 151 - 01/11/09

Lola Dutronic
In Berlin
Lola Dutronic / Self-released

Lola Dutronic releases their third album and there have been some changes since the last album. Singer Frankie Hart has left to be replaced by newcomer Lola Dee. This time the songs are all original, while the previous albums had some nice covers. The mood of the music, melancholy yet poppy remains intact.

Dee takes flight on opener "Glittering Prize" as synths bathe her in fluorescent light. It's very early Saint Etienne. "Brigitte Bardot" is sparkly yet pretty like its namesake, and Dee's vocal is sweetly innocent. "Je M'appelle amour" is sweet and chimes with birdsong as Dee delivers one of her most tender vocals. "Best Years of Our Lives" ends the album on a rhythmic, rather nice note.

It's still pop mostly just very well done. Lola Dutronic are good at that.

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