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The Low Frequency In Stereo
Rune Grammofon

Since the start-up in 2001 The Low Frequency In Stereo have gained a lot of good critics for their records and active gigging, performing their often hypnotic lo-fi post-rock. 2009 could be the year for the band with Futuro, their 4th album (the first for Rune Grammofon).

The Low Frequency In Stereo (TLFIS) are: Per Steinar Lie (bass, organ, vocals, guitars), Ørjan Haaland (drums, percussion, organ, vocals), Hanne Andersen (organ, trumpet, guitars, percussion, vocals), Njål Clementsen (guitar, organ, piano, vocals) and Linn Frøkedal (organ, vocals). This reads a lot of organ, and a mixture of male/female vocals. From what I've heard by TLFIS earlier I haven't been convinced, or turned on to their music. Maybe I've given them too little time, I don't know. Cause Futuro grabs me from its very opening. Futuro is the sound of looking back to the 1970s German kraut scene with a modern approach. Stereolab is also a (frequently) used reference, mainly due to the vocals, plus some of their poppier songs. Another reference is Norwegian band Salvatore. Producer Sir Duperman a.k.a. Jørgen Træen (also adding bass, guitar and samples) has done a smashing job making Futuro what it sounds like, along with a few contributing guest.

"Texas Fox" is among my favourite tracks. Along with the excellent, long-stretched instrumental-turns-vocal "Mt. Pinatubo" (an active volcano located on the island of Luzon, the Philippines). A near-eruptive song. "Sparkle Drive" is a poppy star, while "The End Is The End" is slightly reminding me of the low and slow sound of Low. The closing, 9-minute epic "Solar System" is highly suggestive and spellbinding.

This platter will most likely end up in the top 10 of Norwegian albums this year. Futuro now!

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