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Dan Wallace
Torito Bravo Records

I need to start off by admitting that I've never been a big fan of what they call Compositional Rock. Dan Wallace works within the field of what they call Compositional Rock. Then again, I've never been one to turn anything down before giving it a decent listening.

Here's what I got after a few listens to Reattachment. I know it must take a lot of musical know-how and technical knowledge to compose pieces of advanced music. I know you will need a wide and deep knowledge of many musical genres to blend them all each song.

But it does not do anything for me when I'm time and time again stuck in thinking about the rhythmic and technical challenges in the music. To me that is like reading a manual without having seen the device it describes.

Emotionally, I am not included into the music or lyrical excursions here. I am rather put off by its wild mood swings. But let me include my apologies for not getting the concept in the first place. So, if your feet (or brain) starts moving to Zappa or Steely Dan or anyone playing in that ball park, I am truly sure that you will find loads of pieces and passages here to delve into. If you are, like me, searching for the emotional or guttural challenges in music, I'd advice you to look elsewhere than on Reattachment.

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