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coverpic flag US - New Jersey - Full Moon 151 - 01/11/09

Val Emmich
Little Daggers
Bluhammock Records

Val Emmich is a singer but has also acted in Ugly Betty and looks like he might have a bright future ahead. His new album starts with the bright-eyed powerpop of "The Lucky Ones" zipping past all catchy chorus and breathless excitement. "Got A Habit Now" sees Emmich at his poppy best, singing to a bright melody. "Darling Denise" is a soft song with a waltz tempo, Emmich sings very nicely of a complicated girl.

"We Still Bleed" is a catchy and up tempo song despite the sharp lyrics. It's synth-heavy and reminiscent of the good parts of eighties pop. Val Emmich's new album is a real treat.

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