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Sister Hyde
Sister Hyde

The band Sister Hyde is unabashed glam rockers with a touch of Alice Cooper's nastiness and Bowie glitter. Their debut features frontman Hyde strike a fabulous pose throughout.

"You Look Better On MySpace" funnily warns about the dangers of virtual worlds meeting real worlds. It's catchy and easy to like. "I Like It With The Lights On" is saucy and tough, sounding like a long lost New York Dolls song updated for today. Hyde's lead vocal is a all snaky innuendo and badboy arrogance. "Surfin' On Napalm" is a rousing tune that rocks fiercely in an Iggy Pop vein. The bands guitars sound razor sharp.

"Punk is Dead" sure doesn’t sound like the title implies, despite lambasting faux punks. This album is an hour long, but lacks filler, and keeps the mood all the time. Sister Hyde must be dynamite live too. They sound like real contenders for the crown here.

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