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coverpic flag US - West Virginia - Full Moon 151 - 01/11/09

Stacee Lawson
Destroy All Records

Stacee Lawson records rock in an intriguing setting and her new album is tuneful and exciting. Opener "Run" sees her use her dynamic voice at its fullest as guitars screech around her. "Break or Bend" is a radio-friendly song with a catchy tune and some amazing singing. The unexpected cover of Edie Brickell's "What I Am" gets handled well, toughening up the brittle song a little. Since Lawson is a less fragile singer than Brickell she's good at it.

"Hangin' On" is a cool acoustic strum that shows the singer's talent clearly. She has what it takes to stand out in a crowd and this is a great album.

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