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coverpic flag England - Full Moon 152 - 02/09/09

Christine Tobin
Secret Life of a Girl
Babel Label

Jazz singer Christine Tobin uses mostly original material on her new album and it works well. She has a sweet, expressive style and a unique style.

"Camille" is a soft, hushed song delivered with expert timing. Tobin sings of and has twinkle in her eye. "Dreamland" is a marvelously sung song, a cello played by Kate Shortt adding to the sound. Tobin covers Cohen's "Everybody Knows" and it's a deft, highly personal take on the song. She scats beautifully too.

"Minx" is a wry song about a woman's viewpoint. Tobin carries it off with style and flair. The rhythmic backing is well accomplished. Christine Tobin's new album is superb.

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