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Hot Afternoon In the Bulls' Square
Hidden Shoal Recordings

"Hot Afternoon In the Bulls' Square" is the first single from the Italian (Sicilian) post-rock band HC-B's forthcoming album Soundcheck for a Missing Movie. And it really makes you anticipate the album's release.

"Hot Afternoon In the Bulls' Square" is a purely instrumental piece. It opens with electronic noise, and ends as an almost classic triumphant anthem. And in between that you get a swarm of metallic bees, sound shaped by jazz-horns, a drum beat on speed and a heavy bass that slowly delivers the fanfare-like theme-line. Which sweeps you away completely.

Having the album title in mind it is easy to believe that this is soundtrack material, but also regarded on it's own the visual elements are very present. It is almost like you can see the running of bulls, the dust, the heat and the waving of banners and colours.

I regretfully have to say that I haven't heard too much of their previous work, but from the little I've heard, it seems like they've gone in a more massive and grandish direction, which definitely seems to be a promising thing regarding the new album. Because "Hot afternoon In the Bulls' Square" is more than anything a massive piece of symphonic rock.

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