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The Secret History
Desolation Town EP
Le Grand Magistery

Michael Grace Jr of indie band My Favourite wanted a 'Female voice/tragic cult figure' for his new band and found one in Lisa Ronson. She's the daughter of Mick Ronson, the great guitarist of the glam era, and she has the voice to live up to that legacy.

"It's Not the End of the World Jonah" jangles grandly like a long lost Smiths epic. Its sense of grandeur is hardly modern, but touchingly out of touch with the times. "The Ballad of the Haunted Hearts" carries its epic ambition proudly, as Ronson gives a strong performance. It's like a long lost girl group classic, just recovered from a dusty archive. "Our lady of Palermo" closes the EP nicely, a folksy strum that puts good focus on the vocals. There's an album planned which should be grand, given how good this is.

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