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Great Lake Swimmers
Lost Channels

I know, as soon as I go for the term "folk rock", you're heading for anything that's just a click away. But let me assure you, there is no need to think "folkies" and sad old (young as they may be) buskers. Then again, if your allergies comes from the sound of fiddles, steel guitars and beautiful harmonies, just go for whatever's a click away.

Great Lake Swimmers have carried the name for seven years and this is their fourth album release. With only two steady members of the group through the years, they are now down to four - bearded of course - guys and a lady. Plus a handful welcomed guests, such as Serena Ryder doing a wonderful vocal on "Everything Is Moving So Fast" and Bob Egan (from Blue Rodeo, Wilco etc.) on pedal steel guitar.

Lost Channels might not be a record that gets to you immediately, but as soon as you go along with its demands, you'll find yourself returning to it. I have to admit that my "epiphany" came while listening to it on my iPod out walking. And that might just be the right way to go about a record that is so atmospheric. It's as if you can smell the fresh air on songs like "Pulling On A Line", you can hear a soft rolling river in "Stealing Tomorrow" (as with "River's Edge", of course) or want to go for the art of sitting still on a stone on a hill while listening to "Unison Falling Into Harmony".

Great Lake Swimmers have made a diverse and beautiful album. A space to walk into if you feel like stepping outside of your room.

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