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coverpic flag England - Full Moon 154 - 04/09/09

Neil Campbell with Michael Beiert & Anne Taft
Ghost Stories
own / self-released

Neil Campbell is a guitarist who's helped on this spooky new album by composer Michael Beiert and singer Anne Taft. The album is a suite that's meant to be heard in one go. It's said to reflect a journey through night and into the welcoming light of day. Not surprisingly it's a restless and haunted night, if the music is anything to go by.

Campbell's guitar playing is evidently well accomplished and Taft's wordless singing adds a truly lovely flavor. When words appear Samuel Beckett has written them. The dawn here comes unlike Godot. The path there is quietly haunting and has its strange moments, though nothing overtly scary seems to occur. It's a soundtrack for a film waiting to happen each night as you sleep.

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