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Mindy Misty vs. Europ Europ
Mindy Misty vs. Europ Europ
Hadmade Records/Etch Wear

In this European project Norwegian indie-rock band Mindy Misty join forces with German (Köln/Cologne) noisy neo-poppers Europ Europ, creating a dark-wave album, the monstrous Mindy Misty vs. Europ Europ. The record is mastered by Kramer (Shimmy Disc, Shockabilly, Bongwater, B.A.L.L., ++), at his Noise Miami Studio, which could give you an idea of this being something off the main track.

So, what is Mindy Misty vs. Europ Europ? I'll go for my own tag 'clown-rock', as this is the sounds and visions of the absurd, hysteria, controlled rage, and a spinning mixture of happiness/sadness. Melodic punch and wildness, topped with screamadelic vocals. It's working quite well, and the output is rather cool altogether. At their best Mindy Misty vs. Europ Europ are quite good. Some parts are weaker links, but all in all Mindy Misty vs. Europ Europ is fascinating stuff for ears and mind. Noise pop for the more advanced.

Among the 10 tracks there is a 'cover', "Girls on Earth" -- a mixture of "Girls on Film" and "Planet Earth", by Duran Duran. Maybe not the band you expected to find as a reference on an album like this. Strange brew, they say. Strange brew it is, well worth having a taste of.

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