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Tore Andersen
Right Around The Corner
Wilma Records/Playground

Tore Andersen released his first album in 1993 and has since then released only one more (Tore Andersen, 1998), before this years Right Around The Corner. His hands has not been idle all this time, as he has been contributing musically and as writer on other's projects.

Andersen is balancing that fine line between catchy country tunes and Nashville country music. He's doing just fine on the right side of that line, and he might be in his right to teach Nashville a thing or two about how to come out of a catchy song gracefully. He has peaked on the radio in Norway (with the single "Goodbye Blues") and could just as well make it outside of Norway.

It wouldn't be fair to label this record as simply a country record, as he moves convincingly into bluegrass ("I Wish The Would Keep Falling"), 50's rock'n roll ("Goodbye Blues") and Cajun ("Ain't Life Sweet").

If your favourite record is OK Computer, you have no business with Tore Andersen. If you frequently seek out Los Lobos, Ry Cooder or John Hiatt you might find you appreciate this record just as much as you do with the above. And - as has been said before - Andersen is truly a songwriter of the highest rank.

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