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Robbert Bobbert and The Bubble Machine
Robbert Bobbert and The Bubble Machine
R.E.D. Distribution

The ever-ever productive Robert Schneider of Apples in Stereo, ulysses and the Marbles, has come up with another project. This time for children, but maybe not for children only. It seems Schneider is a boyish man, playing with his Beach Boy-tinted soul. He's got a sunny, melodic mind from where he picks ripe songs when-ever needed. Let's dig into his kindergarten of superheroes and super animals.

I decided to bring in my daughter on this one, just to check the kinder-effect. At first Kaja (2 years, 1 month) didn't react. Well, yes she liked the colourful, child-friendly cover art, and the cartoonish drawing of Robert. And she took interest in the letters (even if she didn't find her own. Well, trying to comfort her - I didn't find mine either). But, midway during song one, "I Am A Clock", she lost her concentration and the focus on the song, even with its 'tick-tock tickety-tickety-tock' chorus. We both find "Hey Little Puppy" a bit annoying, or maybe annoyingly catchy. The helium voiced "Fee Fi Fo, Fee Fi Fum" drew her attention back, and the very catchy "Gravity" made her hop and dance and smile. "The Mighty, Mighty Elephant" made her shout for 'more!', so we had to listen to it again. Me, the father, finds "Laughing" catchy and funny. Kaja returns, from her dancing around the apartment, finding the nice and friendly "I Love the Animals" enjoyable. The closing lullaby "A Tiny Sheep" has no connection to Shaun the Sheep, Kaja claims, but she likes it and concludes: 'Now we must sleep'.

Robbert Bobbert and The Bubble Machine is a cosy and highly efficient album. With 11 songs clocking in at 22 minutes, the average song length is easy math. The song writing is trademark Schneider-penned pop, but, of course, with a more childish twist than ever before. Thumbs up from both Kaja and me, even though we're both keen on checking Schneider's next adult project.

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