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Condo Fucks

According to label Matador: "Legendary New London, CT trio the Condo Fucks returned to the stage last March after a long absence from the Tri-State Area's concert circuit. A secretive Hoboken (New Jersey) rehearsal was recorded and is being released by Matador as the Fuckbook." Hmmmm, they remind me of a Hoboken threesome, Matador label mates Yo La Tengo. Even the names are similar: Condo Fucks' Georgia Condo (drums), Kid Condo (guitar), and James McNew (bass), vs. Yo La Tengo's Georgia Hubley (drums), Ira Kaplan (guitar), and James McNew (bass). In fact, this bunch of quickly (but, done with love and a big heart) recorded (straight to a cassette recorder, it sounds like) cover songs could easily have been cover picks for Yo La Tengo live set-lists.

Fuckbook is a collection of lo-fi, fuzzy renditions of songs by The Small Faces, The Electric Eels, The Kinks, The Beach Boys, The Troggs, Richard Hell, The Flamin' Groovies, Zantees, The Rascals and Slade. This is garage-rock style a la 2009. Dirty, filthy, greasy, oily, steamy. A cheerful bunch of party starters, more or less. Yet, even though this is a collection of songs recorded quick and cheap, basically 'one-take' style, I'd prefer these songs performed live. As candy towards the end of sweaty live shows. When you throw favourite goodies at the audience.

Well, if you're looking for a collection to go well with a beer-steamed Saturday (or any day...) night party foreplay, Fuckbook could be one of those.

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