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The Caribbean
Do You Believe in Dinosaurs?
(Scott Solter Remix)

Hidden Shoal Recordings

This deconstructed/reconstructed mix of "Do You Believe in Dinosaurs?" is a take on one of the tracks from the forthcoming album Scott Solter Re-Populates The Caribbean. It's a wildly humorous and highly entertaining song, and a perfect taster for the album to come.

Folk-poppers The Caribbean sent studio engineer/record producer/mixologist/solo artist Solter (who's been working with Okkervil River, Spoon, The Mountain Goats, plus others) tracks for him to toss up in the air, deconstruct, and paste together, and the result is quite thrilling. "Do You Believe in Dinosaurs?" is exotic, shaking, and definitely something for alternative clubbing.

This is avant dub-folk. This is a dinosaur stomp! They're not extinct, they've just relocated - leading a life incognito - to the Caribbean.

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