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Patti Rothberg
Double Standards
Double on Tundra Records

Patti Rothberg has done the obligatory stint at a major label, but has been independent for a while now. Her music is all the better for it. She rocks in a fashion that feel akin to Liz Phair when she was good and perhaps Tracy Bonham.

The belting title track rocks so hard it might give you blisters just by listening to it. "Inventory" finds a new meaning in the phrase 'taking inventory' and is rather sweet, with celestial choirs and sweet chords. A cover of the Pixies' "Gigantic" rocks pretty much like the original; Rothberg does the vocal with a gusto and sweetness that becomes her. Elsewhere she also covers the Rolling Stones' "Sway" nicely. Her own songs hold more interest since the covers can hardly replace the originals in anyone's affection.

"Wavelength" is a nicely subdued moment with great pathos, Rothberg singing in a restrained but emotive fashion. The album is a bit lengthy with 16 songs, but it's all good so it hardly matters.

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