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Circus Devils
Happy Jack Rock Records

Robert Pollard and the Tobias brothers in Circus Devils proves to be very productive. In October they released Ataxia, and here they already are again with a new release; Gringo. And, by listening to Gringo, it is pretty hard to believe that just so few months back these guys delivered somewhat creepy noise. Because Gringo is nothing of that sort.

Circus Devils has on Gringo really re-invented themselves. From having this almost introvert dark-noise-rock-psychedelica sound they have turned into much broader soundscapes. The noise is for the most part gone. As well as the dark images it provided. But giving room for some light in their music doesn't mean that they sound light. It just make the music slightly more accessible.

Entitling the album Gringo, also gives some indication of where the music is going, namely to the desert. The dry, hot, and dusty desert of an old spaghetti-western movie. But this being the Circus Devils, it is not the straight forward desert-rock you get. But the twisted, raw and psychedelic kind. Perfectly pinned down in songs like "Witness Hill", "Monkey Head" and "Hot Water Wine". The last one a splendid surreal, pretty stripped down rock piece that with the sacral sung words "rock paper scissor" turns into this dulcet psychedelic grunge-like hymn.

And even if there also are some soft melodic spots here, like the low-spoken "Ships from Prison to Prison" or the sparkling acoustic guitar on "Stars on all Night". Gringo is most of all a 16 track long rock journey through the dusty wastelands where the jubilant and melancholic meets at noon. A most pleasant journey I have to say.

Gringo is simply as good as their previous albums where noisy, which will say very. Very good.

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