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coverpic flag US - South Carolina - Full Moon 154 - 04/09/09

Red Beet Records

Fayssoux McLean has been around a while and on this album she's helped by the lovely Emmylou Harris and others. The music's in an Americana style mostly, but with its own rich flavor. The title song has divine harmony vocals by Harris, and Fayssoux's lead is equally deft. The carefully written song has a marvelous chorus. Rodney Crowell's "California Earthquake" gets a good reading, Fayssoux at the height of her ability, singing her heart out. She appears to be adept at taking other's songs and making them her own. "Bugler" gets on of the singer's finest vocals and some of the bands' best playing. "Miss the Mississippi and You" is beautifully rendered with silvery sweet vocals and a bittersweet feeling captured well. This is a great little album.

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