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If I Could Buy A Map of Hope - Volume 2
Phantom Channel

Konntinent, a.k.a. London's Antony J. Harrison, is the co-curator of the Phantom Channel. But If I Could Buy A Map of Hope - Volume 2 is his first for the label, as he's been busy recording for other labels, including Symbolic Interaction, Dynamophone, Serein and Sonic Pieces.

If I Could Buy A Map of Hope - Volume 2 is ambient stuff, a collection of 8 tracks clocking in at 30 minutes+. ...Map of Hope Vol. 2 is, according to the label: " exploration of organic, free range melody and process moulded textures, an argument of stasis and free form". Opening track "Shutting Down" is a gliding, mesmerizing piece. Very, very cool stuff. "Ololo" is one of the shorter (less than 2 minutes) pieces, along with "Sold on Solid". Well, the former is maybe too short, compared to the rest. I find the longer tracks easier to keep focus on/through. Here are guitars (?), glockenspiel, and spliced in vocals (sampled, it sounds like counting in Swedish to me, right?) in the closing track "Paper Thin", which is an exciting number. Experimental ambience with an edge.

The Phantom Channel announces Konntinent to touch "Post-Rock, soundscapes, drone, broken vocal songwriting and even techno", and: "A must have for fans of Pan American, The For Carnation and 'Kid A' style fragmentary". I'm not so sure about The For Carnation, but Pan American and Kid A framgmentary are good tips. As I said, quite kool stuff.

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