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Yalla Yalla (Let's Go)
429 Records

It's been some years since I've listened to David Lowery and his Cracker. I still love the Camper van Beethoven records, but at one point I somehow got tired of Cracker. Cracker songs. Crackers?

"Yalla Yalla (Let's Go)" is a single track off a forthcoming album entitled Sunrise In The Land Of Milk And Honey (album no. 8?). In fact it's a video single. Lowery browsed through YouTube videos of American soldiers stationed overseas doing some crazy dance moves and head-banging and fashioned them together for a video.

The sound and the song seems quite typical Cracker/Lowery style rock. The staccato rhythm beat, topped wtih the guitar riff, gives the song a good drive, but it somehow passes through and "fades", or diappears. Maybe I should check some more of the stuff on the album when it arrives. Or, it could be that Cracker and I parted back in the mid 1990s, and the relationship is broken, not to be mended.

Well, now it's time to 'yalla yalla' off to bed. I might get to chckt out the Cracker platoon at a later date.

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