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Gregory Douglass
Emote Records

Indie performer Gregory Douglass nearly gave up on music after making his last album, but thankfully he had a change of heart. The pianist has recorded a strong and complex piece of work as a result of getting his groove back. "Cathedrals" asks some tough questions about faith and addiction and a solid backing, and the singer's strong vocals underpin it. "Day of the Battler" is a dramatic tour de force that sees Douglass use his emotive voice and piano to create an epic song. It recalls Rufus Wainwright and Tori Amos at their best.

"Sadly" features fellow singer/songwriter Anais Mitchell and it's a hushed song with great spirit and a moving lyric. "Ordinary Man" closes the album and features Grace Potter on a sparkling duet that brings out the best in both singers. Douglass should stay with making music for a long, long time I hope. He's just that good and deserves to be heard.

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