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coverpic flag Canada - Full Moon 156 - 06/07/09

Claire Vezina
Cyber Neptune

Claire Vezina’s fourth album is an intriguing record from the start. "Meluzine" is soft and filled with gorgeous touches. Vezina's vocals are utterly lovely as she sings of the half-serpentine Meluzine. "I pleut sur le ville" is rather slow and sweet, Vezina's beautiful vocals completing the melody well. "Dans ton monde cyber" is unsurprisingly modern sounding, as it ponders this bra new information overload world. Vezina's vocal is a siren song of matchless loveliness.

"Les soldats" takes in these troubled times and becomes a highly compelling protest song. Musically it's reminiscent of early Tori Amos and shows her quirky sense of song writing. Vezina stands on her own two feet here, and her albums very compelling.

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