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coverpic flag England - Full Moon 156 - 06/07/09

Last Man Standing
False Starts And Broken Promises

Last Man Standing are somehow intensely cinematic, and intimately seedy, like a late night cabaret in prewar Berlin. Their singer M Vanderwolf carries his ambitions proudly on his no doubt stylish sleeve.

"Queen Kong" is pure glam rock with a likeably thunderous chorus, and a fabulous sense of decadence. "The Dean street Stumble" charmingly goes for cabaret mood, and succeeds in pulling it off. Vanderwolf's swagger and poise make him an ideal front for the songs ambition. "Bar Room Floor" is more classic glam and could happily have co-existed with Bowie and Bolan in 1973. It's got an impressive chorus and whooping girlie backing vocals that are great touches.

"Go Home" ropes in Robyn Hitchcock to sing backup on a feisty song, with a dramatic lyric. It's clear that this band are headed somewhere very interesting, let's just hope many people follow them there.

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