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Lisa Bianco
Post Data
Random Noise Records

Lisa Bianco has decided to name her new album Post Data since she wants to discuss how we communicate in this data-driven world. Musically she takes a leaf from the book of singers like Juliana Hatfield and Evan Dando.

"All the Things That Remind Me" is sad yet holds its head high trough adversity. Musically its fuzzy and frayed though very melodic. "Whatever the Cost" is heavier yet has an optimistic outlook and a remarkable tune. Bianco's guitar playing is expressive as ever. "Something to Prove" rocks out very convincingly and Bianco's vocal is cool. The closing title song "Post Data/We Communicate" speaks of communication in this brave new world of computers and cell phones. It reminds us that there are people behind the data, and a real life to live.

This is a text that you are reading online, and if you are reading it you are receiving my message about a woman I've never met. Perhaps her music will touch you and perhaps it won't. Behind the wires, we are flesh and blood and hope and dreams, and we are fuel for the machines to live by. As Bianco sings "We communicate/ We appreciate that we are in contact some way/ We forget that we are the living ones bound by chips and soldered wires."

Outside the sun is shining and the birds sing some song we will never know the true meaning of. All around is life.

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