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Amy Speace
The Killer In Me

Amy Speace has made a few nice records in the Americana genre, and this new one is just as good. The band the Tearkjerks who have a nice sound joins her.

The title track is as noirish as the title implies, Speace paying tribute to the novel of the same name. "Blue Horizon" is soft and bluesy, Speace pondering about death to a good tune. Her vocals are gorgeous and earthy at once. "Storm Warning" is a careful song, Speace singing an ominous lyric to a soft backing. She's really got a handle on writing songs and she's getting better with each record.

"Dirty Little Secret" is a nicely put together song, Speace faintly echoes a less gravely Lucinda Williams. Her approach works just fine in this minimal song. This is a very nice record.

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