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Tiffany Apan

Tiffany Apan has crafted a debut album that should make her presence to be reckoned with. The dramatic and spooky opener "Ghost" sees her sing hauntingly to a soft backing. There's a cool remix of it later. The gothic strains of "Porcelain Doll" make sit clear that she's heard Siouxsie and learned a few tricks form the queen of scary music. Apan's own formidable presence mixes well with the guitar chords.

"A Prayer" is a nice track, in a down beat mode as Apan sings complex harmonies with herself. A version of the traditional "Scarborough Fair" appears and is rendered beautifully and with great attention to detail. Apan's siren vocal rests against distorted guitars and keyboards that hiss menacingly.

The album's ambitious title is very well founded; Apan's certainly a poet and a good one at that.

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