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Bootleg Tonic
Volume 1
self-released / Bootleg Tonic

Bootleg Tonic is Georgiana Trent and Even Taviv and this is their debut album. Their style is bluesy and supple and Trent's vocals are just stunning.

"When It All Comes Down" is an assured opener; Trent's vocals caressing a soft melody. "Hard Times" is quite sultry, Trent's vocals reaching a pleasant blues mama growl, while the tune is instantly engaging. The duo really has a way with good tunes. "Love You More" is reminiscent of what Bonnie Raitt might be up to if she were young today. It has a simple but effective guitar part and a lovely vocal. "I've Had Enough" is another fine example of modernized blues that the duo do so well. Trent's singing is mesmerizing as ever and the backing cool. This is a fine debut.

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