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Apricot Rail
Pouring Milk Out The Window
Hidden Shoal Recordings

"Pouring Milk Out The Window" is the debut single by Apricot Rail, a Perth-based, (mainly) instrumental pop quintet on their hunt for beautiful melodies. This is a taster from their self-titled debut album which was released 4th of July. We'll come back to the album, this is just a quick check on what this spilling of milk is about.

Apricot Rail do sound a bit like Mogwai meets Múm, just as Hidden Shoal refers to. The Mogwai reference is towards the milder Mogwai, with its most gentle guitar parts (almost glockenspiel-like in the beginning), backed with velvet-like flute/clarinet passages. Topped with the soft explosions of cymbals, while the drums outline a sharper rhythm pattern. This is a song growing in intensity, and a song growing on you every time you spin it.

File under 'happy-sadness'. Skip 'post', let's just say 'modern music'.

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