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coverpic flag Bulgaria - Full Moon 157 - 07/07/09

Mario Grigorov
Paris to Cuba

Mario Grigorov's music is chilled and nicely evocative of hot summer days spent sipping cool drinks. It's breezy but very technically accomplished.

"Cuban Soil, Cuban Sun" is nicely textured and has a clear Cuban influence that's very well done. It could be on the soundtrack to a film about love gone wrong, since it has a clear dramatic potential. "Every little moment" features a languid vocal by Melissa Newman that's framed by a delicate melody and a lightly strummed guitar. "I See" is dreamy and has Newman's vocals soulfully moving the tune ahead. It's an exquisite song that's well played. The title song encompasses the album's boundary-breaking appeal, reverie equal parts of both cities. Grigorov has really made a perfect summer soundtrack for you to hear wherever you may be.

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