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Jack Peñate
Everything Is New
Beggars Banquet/Playground

Everthing Is New is British pop-singer / songwriter Jack Peñate's second album, and seldom has a title been more accurate. Jack Peñate has really re-invented his sound from his pretty mediocre debut album Matinée. And it is a most pleasant re-invention.

It is obvious from the opening track, "Pull My Heart Away", that Everything Is New offers a more soulful and grown-up Jack Peñate. This is the sound of a man who knows how to lead the dance. A dance you most certainly want to attend. Especially after the second track; "Be the One", that also is released as the sophomore single. It probably is the most catchy, timeless, hot and longing brass-soundscaped dance-floor piece you get this summer.

And even if the albums second half is a little less persistent in the disco moves, it's still there; the urge to get the listener to the floor. Like on the pretty slow soul tune "Every Glance" or the joyful funk-like morbidity on "Let's all Die".

The album ends with "Body Down", the perfect closure as the evenings slow dance, where he most insistingly proclaims that it has been a wonderful time. And yes. I for one, had a most wonderful time listening to Mr. Jack Peñate.

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