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coverpic flag England - Full Moon 157 - 07/07/09

Digital Angel

Pianist Othon Mataragas has crafted a debut album containing distinctly odd, but appealing songs. He's guested by a number of illustrious guest singers.

The operatic vocals of Ernesto Tomasini graces the opener "When I Leave You" and they are as high and weird as those of the Tiger Lillies' Martyn Jacques. The singing is probably and acquired taste, but it suits the staccato rhythm of the song. "The Epitaph of God" features the one and only Marc Almond, who reaches his usual theatrical but appealing presence easily. The next song is guested by David Tibet of Current 93, and he's well suited for "The Dreamer is Still Asleep". The piano backing by Othon is efficient and sensitive.

Marc Almond returns for the yearning "Tonight" and the dramatic "The Tango Song" which uses lyrics by the infamous Aleister Crowley. It's a match made in heaven or hell. It's not an easy album to digest, but it has many rewards for the adventurous listener.

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